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Do you want to import goods from China? We are your China import partner. As a China import consultancy, we offer our customers a full service when importing from China. We research products and suppliers, support customs and logistics processing and optimize imports from China for our customers.

We are China import specialists. In the China Import department, we have good local networks in China. With our expertise in importing from China, we can help European companies from various industries to import products from China at low cost and with high quality. We provide first-class support in the coordination of contract manufacturing and understand the quality requirements according to European standards. Our customers benefit from our lean structure and efficient way of working. In this way they can secure their competitive advantages in procurement from China.

Unitybuy China Import also offers storage options in China. Are you importing goods from China and having quality problems? This is exactly where we stand up for you. We have storage rooms in China and carry out quality control of the goods directly on site. With this service, our customers can, on the one hand, reduce logistics costs (larger collective shipments instead of several small shipments). On the other hand, customers can solve quality problems preventively, because it saves time and money if all complaints can be reported to the suppliers in China immediately after the goods have been checked.

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